3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Plastic Surgery Clinic


From a luxury splurge to a necessary investment, cosmetic surgery in Singapore has seen remarkable mindset shift over the past few years, thanks to escalating income of the middle-class population.

If your plastic surgery clinic is still not thriving, there must be something wrong with your online marketing. The good news is you can change your fortune anytime. All you need is a foolproof marketing strategy. Here are the three easy ways to market your plastic surgery clinic.

1. Leverage the power of online content

Online content comes in many forms. Some examples are blog posts, YouTube videos, case studies, white papers, and press releases. If you can use some of these tools for your online marketing, things can change in a positive way. If you don’t know how to use them to your advantage, you can seek assistance from an SEO expert.

2. Use Google Ads

For a small fee, you can advertise your business on Google. All you need is to set up your Google AdWords account and get started. Make sure, however, that your description, title tags, and keywords are spot on. Google AdWords is a great tool to let the world know about your business.

3. Leverage Facebook ads

You can also promote your plastic surgery clinic on various Facebook groups. For more effective Facebook advertising, you need to identify your target audience. Collect and organize your customer data and analyze it to look for common patterns. For instance, you might find that most of your customers are from a certain age group, location or profession. Once you spot any such patterns, now you can run more targeted Facebook campaigns for better results.

Another good idea for any type of online advertising is using the power of offers and discounts. People love to get seasonal discounts. For instance, an online ad offering 20% discount on the eve of Christmas is likely to perform better than a generic ad.

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3 more Marketing Tips for Divorce Lawyers in Singapore


There are many ways divorce lawyers in Singapore can market their services to their potential clients. We’ve covered a few of them in the previous post, but there are more advanced tips for those who want to go the extra mile. For instance, you can do the 80:20-analysis of your referral sources and put more focus on those who give you more clients. Here are 3 more advanced-level marketing tips for divorce lawyers in Singapore.

1. Use online reviews

If you have been in the business for long enough, you probably have many success stories to share. Do not hold yourself back from sharing those stories online. Have your past clients write reviews for your service. Testimonials and online reviews are by far the most affordable yet effective marketing tool for a divorce lawyer.

2. Do SEO the right way

Just hiring an SEO consultant (as advised in the previous post) is not enough. Make sure you’re investing in good SEO. Your SEO expert should know the best practices for keyword research. They should also know the latest techniques for earning back-links. Other things like local SEO, NAV, and keyword density should be taken into consideration as well. You may even want to create a YouTube channel and post videos with helpful advice for potential clients.

3. Use other digital marketing techniques

Apart from search engine optimization, you can also use other online marketing strategies like PPC advertising and social media marketing for faster results. What digital marketing platforms you should use depends on your budget and target audience. For instance, marketing through social sites like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to attract teenage and young adults, while LinkedIn is a great tool for marketing to professionals.

Another good idea would be to run digital advertising campaigns targeting local clients. You need to use location specific keywords and key phrases for the same. Your SEO consultant can help you in this.

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Marketing Tips for Divorce Lawyers in Singapore


With the divorce rates climbing, there’s supposedly enough business for every divorce lawyer in Singapore. The real picture isn’t as bullish though. Yes, some lawyers have more clients than they can handle. But for most others, it’s like a feast or famine cycle. Sometimes you have a lot; sometimes you’re stuck in rut – waiting for good clients but don’t know how to reach out to them.

There comes the importance of marketing your business. Whether you choose offline or online marketing, you should have a clear strategy for attracting more ‘good’ clients to your law firm. Here are some marketing tips.

1. Leverage referral marketing

As with any business, references are a great way to win new clients. As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, for instance, you can partner with a marriage counselor to get referrals for new clients. It would be a mutually beneficial business relationship – a win-win for both parties.

2. Offer valuable content

When someone needs legal help for breaking their marriage, where do you think they would first go? Yes it depends but most people will read online. They would search for free content to get answers to their exact questions. What if you can create a blog that offers valuable legal advice to couples planning for a divorce? If your content offers value, your target audience would likely come back for more. Then they may want to meet you in person for a consultation.

3. Hire SEO services

Online presence is not enough; you need a strong presence. Almost every professional has a website these days. But the truth is; nobody finds that website when they search for a similar service. This is exactly where an SEO expert can help you. They know how to optimize a webpage for search engines like Google. Also, SEO is cost effective and helps build your brand’s online reputation.

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Advanced Marketing Tips for Aircon Service Companies in Singapore


SEO Singapore Marketing Strategy

The tropical climate in Singapore means that air conditioners are highly in demand. The city-state has a seemingly ideal market for aircon service providers, but that’s true only for a handful of companies. Those companies (most of them) live by certain advanced marketing strategies. From using the latest digital marketing techniques to hiring the best SEO consultant, they’d do all it takes to stand out.

If you too want to use advanced strategies for marketing your aircon service business, here are some tips.

1. Keep your NAP consistent

The Name, Address and Phone Number (aka NAP) of your business should remain consistent across the web. This may sound trivial, but search engines rank your business higher when you’ve the exact same contact information listed across all sites and directories.

2. Get more reviews and testimonials

Another way to boost your online visibility is by getting more people to review and leave feedback for your service on review websites. That way, you not only can improve your local SEO but it also helps build the credibility of your business.

3. Leverage social media platforms

Marketing through social medial platforms is not a new concept, but it has become more effective in recent years. However, if you want to get the best benefits of this digital marketing strategy, you need to devise a proper plan. Just opening a company account across all social platforms is not enough. Start by knowing where most of your target customers are. Now select a few channels accordingly for your social media promotion. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular options. Also, you need to post regular updates on those channels to keep your followers engaged.

An experienced SEO consultant can help you create online buzz around your upcoming events. Audience engagement is not a one-way communication process. So make sure that you respond to any customer feedback or comments promptly.

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How to Market Your Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore


The number of air-conditioner users has skyrocketed over the years, and so has the number of aircon service providers. What does that mean for your aircon service company in Singapore?

Well, now you’ve got a larger market but stiffer competition. The need for marketing your business has never been greater. One common mistake people make is marketing only during the peak season, i.e., the summer months. But the fact is; customer relationship building is not a seasonal thing. You need to keep your marketing endeavors active throughout the year. Here are some useful tips.

Define your target market

A larger market means that you’ve many different customer groups, from individual home owners to commercial building owners and property developers. While you can target all the groups at once, your marketing becomes more effective when you plan your campaign for a specific customer group. If possible, go to the next level and develop an ideal buyer persona for your service. This may require digging deeper into the customer info. For instance, you may want to target individual homeowners with an air-conditioning system older than 10 years. The more specific your target audience the more relevant is your marketing message.

Promote online

Importance of promoting your business online cannot be stressed enough. If you think you can bank on your offline networking alone to give you enough clients, think again. Until you build a strong online presence, you’d not know what you’ve been missing out. To tap the full potential of online marketing however, you need to hire an SEO expert. Search engine optimization techniques are ever-changing. Only an expert in the field keeps updated with the latest techniques. Launching a company website is the first step. Real SEO starts from where you stop thinking. From blogging to social media promotion and link building, there are many ways to boost your search ranking. So seek professional help for SEO.

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More Marketing Tips for Catering Business Owners


Marketing your catering business doesn’t have to be stressful. In an earlier post, we touched upon the ways to market a new catering company. Once your company is up and running and have gathered some momentum, however, your marketing strategy should be upgraded. So here are some tips on how to market an already established catering business.

1. Use influencer marketing
Influencer marketing is when you utilize the authority of an influencer in your niche to market your services. For instance, if a lot of people follow a famous wedding planner for tips and advice, he is the influencer. If you post an article on his blog and link it back to your website, it would be helpful. You can also do guest posting for a popular wedding blog. All you need is to contact the owner and request him to post your article on their blog.

Since hundreds of people are already following the blog, there’s a good chance that some readers will contact you with a catering order. However, convincing the influencer could be a challenge. So offer them value first. For instance, if you can convince them that your article would give new information to his audience, then he’ll probably give you a chance. Make sure that your article links back to your website, so that you can boost your SEO. Speaking of SEO, it would be a good idea to hire an SEO consultant or digital marketing expert for the job.

2. Organize taste testing
When it comes to winning new catering contracts, nothing works better than getting your prospects to taste your best dishes. But it also helps in your marketing. For instance, keep updated about any news about upcoming corporate events in your city. Contact the event organizer and tell them that you want to organize taste tastings session for them. You can also organize tasting sessions in local open-house programs. This would cost you some bucks, but it’s a good way to promote your catering business.

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How to Market Your Catering Business


The low entry barrier to Singapore’s catering industry means that there’s cutthroat competition. Whether you’re an established business or a food-catering unicorn, you need to stand out to be successful.

While the quality of your food and customer service matter the most, you cannot ignore the importance of marketing. People should know your existence before they can order, taste and review your foods. So here are some marketing tips.

Build a strong online presence
Now most people read online reviews before buying a product. People looking for a caterer do the same. If your catering business doesn’t have a website, develop one. And just having a website isn’t enough. Your website should rank higher in organic search results. Simply put, when people search the web for a catering service provider, they should find you in the first page of Google. To that end, you may need to do some online marketing and hire an SEO expert. There are many ways to boost your online presence. For instance, you can start a blog and post catering related news and articles on a regular basis.

Leverage the power of networking
As with any business, networking is crucial to marketing your catering business. You need to network with local clubs, wedding planners, corporate event planners, and event venue rentals, among others. To make your networking work, you should meet your prospects in person. Visit their office and offer them a discount if they order from you. If possible, carry samples of your best dishes with you and request them to taste your food. The idea is to build a human connection and win their trust. Remember, people do business with those they trust.

Create a loyalty program
Loyalty programs and incentives are a great tool to entice more clients to do business with you. You can also contact bridal stores and local agents and offer them incentives for referring new customers.

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