2 More Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic


Just because you’re short on budget doesn’t mean your digital marketing should suffer. It is actually possible to increase traffic to your website, on a budget. We posted a blog around this topic earlier, and we highly recommend you to read that before continuing with this one.

Once you’re done with the first part of this article, now
you can read this part for two more ideas. Without further ado, let’s drive
right in.

1. Use podcasting

Podcasting is all the rage these days. Anyone can create a podcast and start interviewing successful people in their niche. But it’s one thing to have a podcast; it’s another to actually use it to drive more traffic to your website. Your SEO consultant can help you leverage podcasting. The idea is really simple. Typically, it works in three steps – 1) Create your own podcast, 2) Interview a popular guest every week, 3) Ask your guest to share the episode with their audience.

Can you see how it works? When an influencer (in your niche)
will share your podcast with their followers, some of them will notice your
brand and visit your website.

2. Co-publish content with popular site owners

the idea here is to leverage the popularity of an established brand. You first
need to find out some popular websites/blogs in your niche. Once you have a
list of popular sites, now your job is to contact the website owners via email
or phone and ask them to allow you to co-publish a post onto their site. If your
content is good, some of them may accept your proposal. That’s because they
don’t have time to create good content. If you do it for them, they’ll happily
allow you to co-publish. On the other hand, co-publishing content with them
will help you drive a fraction of their followers/readers to your website.

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2 Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic


You’ve a great product or service; and you proudly launched
your new website – but nobody seems to care. What’s going on!

Probably, your online marketing strategy is outdated (it’s failing you.) Maybe your strategy is no different than that of others. Or maybe your strategy is fine, but your execution isn’t flawless.

The good news is that there are ways to revamp your marketing,
without having to spend a lot of time and money. Read on to learn some
budget-friendly tips to boost your website traffic.

1. Commenting on popular blogs

Your SEO expert can help you with this, but the idea is to find popular blog posts in your niche and comment on them. You can (In fact, you should) even comment on your competitor’s popular blog posts. How is that going to help? Simple! When you post a comment on any popular blog, chances are some of the readers will read your comment. If they like it, they may even visit your website. But for this strategy to work, you need to make sure your comments are offering real value to people.

2. Leverage affiliate marketing

Did you know about affiliate marketing? Perhaps yes! But did
you use this to drive more traffic to your website? Perhaps no! As a website
owner, you can create an affiliate marketing program and have other marketers
promote your products or services. How does it work? You simply pay them a
fraction of your profit every time they drive traffic to your website and
people actually buy from you. It’s a win-win for both. The big question,
however, is why any affiliate marketer would choose to promote your products
when they’ve so many other options. There are mainly two reasons – 1) There’s
too much competition for a big brand’s affiliate marketing, and 2) You may be
new but they can still make money from your website.

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3 More Dental Marketing Tips and Ideas


If you are a dentist practicing in Singapore, you’ll probably need more than 20 patient visits per month to scale your business. But conventional marketing techniques don’t work very well any longer. Since most of your customers are going online, you should use digital marketing to get their attention. We have shared some tips earlier, but here are some more ways to market your dental clinic.

1. Make your website mobile-friendly

Recent studies confirm that mobile searches are fast
catching up with desktop searches. In fact, a recent Google report said that
around 77 percent of people use their mobile phone to search for healthcare
related services. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, most your potential
clients won’t even know you exist. Also, make sure your website has a fast
loading time.

2. Create and share video content

More and more people are watching YouTube videos these days.
Video content is easy to digest and helps demonstrate a process more easily.
You must use this marketing tool to improve your online presence. Consider
launching a YouTube channel aimed at providing valuable content to your
patients. For instance, you can create videos on dental care and home treatment
procedures. In your website, you can upload video testimonials of your happy

3. Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization is critical to success of your digital marketing endeavor. Compared to PPC or paid advertising, SEO is cost effective. And the results it delivers are often sustainable. While SEO takes a little longer to rank your website higher in search results, the payback is worth the wait. For best results, consider hiring an acclaimed SEO consultant Singapore who knows the ins and outs of link building, content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing.  

Another good idea would be to offer loyalty discounts. Let
your loyal customers know that you care for them. That way, you can increase
your repeat business.

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How to Promote Your Dental Clinic


Before you start promoting your dental clinic, find out how
people in your zip code usually search a dentist. And we probably know the
answer. There are some exceptions, but in Singapore most people will go online
to find a reputable dentist in their locality.

That means most of your marketing efforts should focus on online promotions. There are many ways to do online marketing. If you have a website, for instance, you should hire an SEO expert to make it appear on the first page of Google search results. Here are some more useful tips on how to strengthen the online presence of your dental clinic.

1. Claim your Google My Business page

Anyone can list and optimize their local business on Google
for free, but very few companies use the opportunity. Once you create and
optimize your Google My Business page, now anyone searching for a dentist in
your area should find you in the Google map. This feature alone can also help
improve your search ranking. All you need is to claim you Google My Business
Page and fill out a simple form, providing details about your clinic, such as,
name, address, phone number, and hours of operation. If you want, you can get
this done by your SEO expert.

2. Start a blog

You may wonder how starting a blog would help get more
patients. But here’s the thing. Blogging helps establish your online brand
through content marketing. Once Google sees you as an expert in the niche, your
search ranking improves. That means more people will find your website when
they’ll look for a dental clinic in Singapore.

3. Use the right keywords

When people search online for a dentist, what do they
exactly type? If you know the answer and use the exact words in your website and
blog, it will help your search engine optimization. There are ways to do
keyword research, so you can optimize your website for the right keywords. Your
SEO consultant can help you in this.

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3 More Marketing Ideas for Your Plastic Surgery Clinic


SEO Services Singapore

People want to do business with people they trust. And when it’s a matter of going under the knife for a cosmetic surgery, there’s no two way around it. Winning the trust of your clients is critical. But that’s the second step. How can you win their trust when they don’t even try your services in the first place? That’s why marketing is so important.

In a previous article, we have covered some basic steps for marketing your plastic surgery clinic. Here are some more ideas.

1. Hire an SEO expert

Most of your potential clients are searching online. That means you don’t even stand a chance to get their attention without a strong online presence. Because ranking higher in online search results is so critical, you should not miss out on SEO. One tried and trusted way to boost your search ranking is by hiring an SEO consultant. However, just hiring any digital marketing agency is not enough. It is one thing make tall claims; it is another to back up the claims with real results. Make sure you hire someone who has a strong portfolio.

2. Use influencer marketing

Influencers are those who have millions of followers online. Not all influencers are real-life celebrities, but people take their advice and suggestions very seriously. If you can get some influencers to recommend your plastic surgery clinic, it would be a great way to drive more people towards your business.

3. Don’t ignore traditional offline marketing

Just because you are using online marketing doesn’t mean you should totally ignore traditional offline marketing. Some offline marketing strategies still work. For instance, you can consider organizing invite-only events and seminars. Also, you can try making appearance on local TV channels. Handing out leaflets and brochures, cold calling may also work. Another good idea would be to launch a marketing campaign in your local health events.

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3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Plastic Surgery Clinic


From a luxury splurge to a necessary investment, cosmetic surgery in Singapore has seen remarkable mindset shift over the past few years, thanks to escalating income of the middle-class population.

If your plastic surgery clinic is still not thriving, there must be something wrong with your online marketing. The good news is you can change your fortune anytime. All you need is a foolproof marketing strategy. Here are the three easy ways to market your plastic surgery clinic.

1. Leverage the power of online content

Online content comes in many forms. Some examples are blog posts, YouTube videos, case studies, white papers, and press releases. If you can use some of these tools for your online marketing, things can change in a positive way. If you don’t know how to use them to your advantage, you can seek assistance from an SEO expert.

2. Use Google Ads

For a small fee, you can advertise your business on Google. All you need is to set up your Google AdWords account and get started. Make sure, however, that your description, title tags, and keywords are spot on. Google AdWords is a great tool to let the world know about your business.

3. Leverage Facebook ads

You can also promote your plastic surgery clinic on various Facebook groups. For more effective Facebook advertising, you need to identify your target audience. Collect and organize your customer data and analyze it to look for common patterns. For instance, you might find that most of your customers are from a certain age group, location or profession. Once you spot any such patterns, now you can run more targeted Facebook campaigns for better results.

Another good idea for any type of online advertising is using the power of offers and discounts. People love to get seasonal discounts. For instance, an online ad offering 20% discount on the eve of Christmas is likely to perform better than a generic ad.

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3 more Marketing Tips for Divorce Lawyers in Singapore


There are many ways divorce lawyers in Singapore can market their services to their potential clients. We’ve covered a few of them in the previous post, but there are more advanced tips for those who want to go the extra mile. For instance, you can do the 80:20-analysis of your referral sources and put more focus on those who give you more clients. Here are 3 more advanced-level marketing tips for divorce lawyers in Singapore.

1. Use online reviews

If you have been in the business for long enough, you probably have many success stories to share. Do not hold yourself back from sharing those stories online. Have your past clients write reviews for your service. Testimonials and online reviews are by far the most affordable yet effective marketing tool for a divorce lawyer.

2. Do SEO the right way

Just hiring an SEO consultant (as advised in the previous post) is not enough. Make sure you’re investing in good SEO. Your SEO expert should know the best practices for keyword research. They should also know the latest techniques for earning back-links. Other things like local SEO, NAV, and keyword density should be taken into consideration as well. You may even want to create a YouTube channel and post videos with helpful advice for potential clients.

3. Use other digital marketing techniques

Apart from search engine optimization, you can also use other online marketing strategies like PPC advertising and social media marketing for faster results. What digital marketing platforms you should use depends on your budget and target audience. For instance, marketing through social sites like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to attract teenage and young adults, while LinkedIn is a great tool for marketing to professionals.

Another good idea would be to run digital advertising campaigns targeting local clients. You need to use location specific keywords and key phrases for the same. Your SEO consultant can help you in this.

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